So I’ve found myself out of work…

3 min readJun 23, 2022

Hello, friends. It’s been quite a while since I’ve last written on this platform. Lots of things have happened. Some good… some… well, I like to focus on the positives. Nevertheless, it is inevitable. The undesirable will happen. Our resilience lies in how we handle those situations, however.

Just this month, I had to make a decision at my place of employment because there was a lack of work in my particular business area. I thought it most wise in my position to make a graceful exit. I am a new homeowner, so stepping out was a very uncertain choice. I felt as if I were facing a rickety bridge over molten lava. Should I take my chances and cross? Or stay over on this side of the castle with the dragon?

me looking back at a dinosaur at the Detroit Zoo’s Dinosauria exhibit with a look on my face that isn’t the bravest. God bless you!
Shall I stay? Or progress forth?

(If you were imagining that scene from Shrek, don’t feel bad. So was I)

Perhaps it isn’t as bad as that, but I feel that I am taking a risk with whatever I choose. It’s too late, now. I’ve already left. Now begins the long process of applying to every job opening available while still trying to figure things out. I would love a position that has flexible hours and wonderful pay that will help me to keep up my mortgage payments, take care of bills on time, and have a spot of cash left over for my leisure and creative efforts. My strategy? Leave no application unturned(in). Apply everywhere. I’ve thrown several of my (virtual) resumes into the air of cyberspace. Not the paper one, though. We mustn’t litter.

So far, I’ve been searching and applying galore, but haven’t secured anything. I’m not giving up hope, but this makes me think… is it time to launch my entrepreneurial side-hustles into full-blown businesses?

…I’d think not. Unfortunately, this economic climate doesn’t seem very promising for setting sail in such a ship without some sort of liferaft to escape in if needed. By no means does that mean I should shut down my hobby side. In fact, I have been pushing things a bit more, sharing my Ko-Fi and Patreon links on social media, publishing ebooks on kindle, and even making an audio chapter available for purchase.

I’ve gotten a few donations and purchases too, and for those, I am extremely grateful. Still, these things are NOT enough to sustain. They do help immensely to hold me over, though. I know that people giving me money is no easy task. Everyone is experiencing inflation. Gas is over $5 per gallon. Things are getting ridiculous and crazy, so every single penny given to me is cherished immensely. I thank each and every one of my supporters. I love you all and send so many prayers and hugs to you every day.

Support me on Patreon, Ko-Fi, and my own website, God bless you!
Support me on Patreon, Ko-Fi, or personally through my own website.

In addition to these things, just before the great Thanos Snap occurred at my workplace, I was blessed to have received quite a few more orders of Fiverr gigs on my page. Those seemed to drop in right on time. I also shared my personal website with a ton of folks.

As my brain scatters and my soul prays, my creative mind never ceases to churn out ideas to try. I plan to look into who may be hosting seller markets and maker fairs in person. Funny, I was planning on doing a lot of them in 2020, but the pandemic had other plans. Perhaps I’ll take it all up again as I had plotted it all out at the end of 2019.

If any of you have other ideas and ways to make a bit of spare change, feel free to shout them out. If you’re going through a similar experience, or are simply hoping for a financial breakthrough, please comment that below as well so that I can keep you in my prayers. I have faith that, with God’s help, we will all make it through this difficult time together — whatever you’re going through. You aren’t alone. Know that I love you, and I’m here if you’d like a chat.

God bless and much success! :)




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