What If You Woke Up Today With Only What You Thanked God For Yesterday?

2 min readAug 21, 2022

I heard this asked today and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share something I’ve done for ages….

A big, bold, beautiful green tree against a wondrous blue sky with little white clouds. I took the picture myself. God bless you and I love you so much!

…For Everything.

Call me odd.

Call me strange.

But I am in a constant state of prayer always.

You know those people who are always annoyingly on the phone (Bluetooth or facetime) with a friend or family member all loud in the checkout of the local shop? Well, that’s me…

with God…

Only, a little less loud.

I thank Him for everything from the big bold blessings like this wonderful world we live in, the everyday blessings like breath, food, and shelter, and the small things like the people who made the aglets on my sneakers. I will look at a house and ask Him to bless the hands of the people who worked to build everything from the foundation to the bricks to the fence and the windowpanes. Even the folks who recently cut the grass and the handbill folks who last knocked upon the door and left junk mail at the residence.

When I say grace, I not only thank Him for the meal itself, but also for everyone who helped to make it possible- from farm to table, so to speak. This also includes any animals. Even the birds who ate the seeds from one fruit and pooped them out elsewhere to create the plant that grew into the tree that bore the delectable treat I now have the pleasure of consuming.

I not only thank Him for these people and things. I ask Him to bless them. Whether they’re still here in the land of the living (bless them, their families, their endeavors, etc.) or even if they’ve passed on yet (bless their souls).

When I’m watching TV, best believe I’m thanking God for everyone listed on the credits and even those who were overlooked. I’m asking Him to bless everyone who’s had anything remotely even to do with the matter.

I ask Him to bless each person who’s ever come in contact with me- whether I know it or not, and whether they know it or not.

I ask Him to bless you and everyone else on obscure corners of the internet who happens upon my work, be it writing, art, or even things they aren’t even aware I had a hand in.

I ask Him to bless everyone I’ve ever crossed paths with in my life, and everyone I will ever cross paths with in the future (in person and online) and I thank Him for them.

For them all.

For it all.

And, as for my life,

for my world,

nothing will change.

Because every day,

every moment,

every waking breath,

I am in a constant state of prayer

and thanks

to my God

…for everything.




I’m a writer, photographer, music composer, crafter, maker, dancer, actor… you could call me a Jill of all Trades. Have an exuberantly blessed day!!!